Tuesday, July 27, 2010

~Ty Udein-The College-The House-All The Rest~

So, while I am picking up the pieces of my writing time I am also balancing my time

at the college. It has been hitting hard! this week. I must admit the past two day's

have exsasted me! my teacher "Mr Kell" has got us writing an essay on the attributes

of "clean energy".

It is an absolute amazing concept. when I was having dinner with my Mother tonight,

I was telling her about the benefits. I must admit, I wonder why humanity has not

yet jumped on board. Anyway I have the day off tomorrow so I plan on checking out a

new residence Ruby gave me!

It was a very kind gesture and a flat out surprise! I may just move there if needed,

but... until Matt proves otherwise I am sticking to the small house room. I recieved

a letter from the governess yesterday, but have yet to reply. That of course is also

on the list of things to do for the day.

~Ty Udein~

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