Thursday, August 19, 2010

~An Update~

So it's been a long while since I have updated and with good reason I might add. It's

been very busy these past few weeks, the college is taking up most of my time as of

late, but then again it's been the end of the quarter finals and those are always

busy. However I did manage to check in yesterday, well... I wouldn't actually call it

"Checking in" It was more of an emergency summons issue. I was checking my mail and got

an emergency letter from Ruby saying that we had to move! I must say packing up your

office while your trying to stay on top of your studies is an annoying thing, but than

those land owners were not apparently suitable for our small group. Hopefully the new

place is.

Monday, August 2, 2010

~A Morning Thought And Comment~

Well, it's the start of another class here at the College. I am currently sitting here at my usual PC awaiting the voice of my teacher to say "Ok, time to get stated". Honestly though... I wish I was in bed, at home, relaxed and asleep. Safe in the dreams of my imaginative mind which God gave me.

But life does not give us what we want much of the time, so I will use a quote that "Eve Arden" once said on an episode of "Our Miss Brooks" Oh FUDGE!

~Ty Udein~

Saturday, July 31, 2010

~Get Away Home~

What a morning, after two days of delaying my meeting with Ruby I finally spoke with her early this morning. It was one of those nights where I chose not go to sleep. I found her working on one of her major projects for her classroom students. She will be returning to her class of students in about three weeks so she is really going at it to get things fixed up.

She took me on a tour of all her latest works and it was very enjoyable, things for her are really going to open up in the coming months, but then, that can be applied to all of us. I myself have finally gotten a place where I can relax and work on my new novel. Like "Jessica Fletcher" I am going in at full speed.

Ruby and I spent part of the morning setting it up. After the purchase was made I gave her a short tour and talked a bit, then we were off to her place where she showed me more of her current projects.

We would of continued our visit longer but due to real life issues we had to say our goodbyes, I was holding her up on some grading and I needed to get ready for my Fathers birthday which will soon begin.

On a more personal note I have come to decision, I am going to invite the governess for tea. I want to meet the lady who has so kindly allowed me to stay in her home. and maybe I can learn more about Matt. Well that's about it for now. Until next time, farewell.

~Ty Udein~

~Ty Udein~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

~Ty Udein-The College-The House-All The Rest~

So, while I am picking up the pieces of my writing time I am also balancing my time

at the college. It has been hitting hard! this week. I must admit the past two day's

have exsasted me! my teacher "Mr Kell" has got us writing an essay on the attributes

of "clean energy".

It is an absolute amazing concept. when I was having dinner with my Mother tonight,

I was telling her about the benefits. I must admit, I wonder why humanity has not

yet jumped on board. Anyway I have the day off tomorrow so I plan on checking out a

new residence Ruby gave me!

It was a very kind gesture and a flat out surprise! I may just move there if needed,

but... until Matt proves otherwise I am sticking to the small house room. I recieved

a letter from the governess yesterday, but have yet to reply. That of course is also

on the list of things to do for the day.

~Ty Udein~

Sunday, July 25, 2010

~Followup on Robbery~

Well, I have a bit of a follow up on today's events. I called Ruby and told her about

the stolen Coffee Mug, little did I know that it was to introduce an old... shall we

say familiar face. "Matt Dutton" he was a source of constant pain. Always out to get us

all at C.C.N or CavernCommuicationsNetwork. Surprisingly he is the second tenant at the

Governesses home. I don't know if he is the one who took my Coffee Mug, but I will say

I am going to be meeting up with Mr. Matt Dutton sometime this week.

~Ty Udein~

~Novels by Udein~

The Writers Home (a working title) is to be my first new work. I don't want to give

away to many details, all I will say is it is to be my main focus over the next few


~Ty Udein~


Well this is an encouraging turn of events. Apparently someone has taken my coffee

Mug! I go out to get some paper and ink for my new typewriter and come back to find

that it's been taken! I must admit I am a bit surprised by this, I would of thought

this place would have better security considering who owns it. "sigh" I need to have a

talk with "Governess Gailynne Ghennyn" about the door locks!

~Day of Exploration~

So I spent some time today looking around. I am new to this area and Ruby sent me an

invite to here house so I decided to take here up on it. It was a lovely place, small

quaint, however when you enter the house, well, I could have sworn I herd a Dog's

bark, but when I looked around for one I didn't see it.

After that I decided to take a gander at her Airship. A beautiful vessel of which I

hope to ride sometime, I was tempted to fly the ship myself, but Ruby had the

controls locked and so all my hopes of taking it out for a spin were dashed,

though... that's probably a good thing.

Surprisingly as I was leaving a train was running by, I had thought that it was

still being built but obviously I was mistaken. so to finish off my time I took a

ride around the surrounding area. Overall it was a productive visit, though I hope to

run into Ruby next time.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

~A Good Start~

Well I am finally settling in, it's been one busy day, I asked Ruby about allowing me

to decorate my place a bit, and I gotta say it's off to a good start. I did some

shopping and found myself some good house items. A chair, lamp, couch, and coffee table

are my current layout. I want to add more, but need to talk to Ruby about it first.

overall a good start. Now if I could just get my laptop and typewriter set up I would

be set.

~New Place~

I shed a new skin today, for I set aside the path I walked in D'ni. That chapter is,

for now, closed. I turn my attention to the future, a new chapter in my life. Ruby has

pointed me to a house owned by "Mrs Gailynne Ghennyn" I have a small room, as shown

in the above. It is a perfect place, especaily since I am going to be spending much

of my time here writing my new novel. Ruby told me I have a fellow tenant in the

house, by name "Matt R. Dutton" I have yet to meet him. Though I am sure we will get

along just fine, no one could be worse then Madge. Anyways I have to find some stuff

for the new place so I end this with a new picture of the place.

~A New Home~

Endings. Endings are often a part of are continuing walk. Though... I never thought I

would have to say goodbye to a place I had lived in for so long. I had made so many

friends in this place, experienced so much! Yet... Now I had to say goodbye... Little

did I know though that this was not the end of my travels with my friends, no, it was

but a pause on the long road. Two of my dearest friends and I would find ourselves in a

new world, not unlike our old one. This would be the road to the world of Storytelling.

It began on that final day, the day we said goodbye, Ruby had left a few hours before

me, Ghealen as well. I found myself on the surface, I was heading out to catch a

jeep which would take me home.

I wasn't all to pleased though, I had herd that the

driver was kind of a nut! if you know what I mean. However... my thoughts went back

to madge and I dismissed the whole notion of him being such a thing. ANYWAY I had

reached the small fence that caged in the volcano and as I walked beyond it's bounds

something caught my eye.. It was a small crack in the earth, at first I thought it

was another fissue... in a sense it was, but unlike the one we know so well it

didn't lead to the desert.... it lead to this place, the new home.