Saturday, July 31, 2010

~Get Away Home~

What a morning, after two days of delaying my meeting with Ruby I finally spoke with her early this morning. It was one of those nights where I chose not go to sleep. I found her working on one of her major projects for her classroom students. She will be returning to her class of students in about three weeks so she is really going at it to get things fixed up.

She took me on a tour of all her latest works and it was very enjoyable, things for her are really going to open up in the coming months, but then, that can be applied to all of us. I myself have finally gotten a place where I can relax and work on my new novel. Like "Jessica Fletcher" I am going in at full speed.

Ruby and I spent part of the morning setting it up. After the purchase was made I gave her a short tour and talked a bit, then we were off to her place where she showed me more of her current projects.

We would of continued our visit longer but due to real life issues we had to say our goodbyes, I was holding her up on some grading and I needed to get ready for my Fathers birthday which will soon begin.

On a more personal note I have come to decision, I am going to invite the governess for tea. I want to meet the lady who has so kindly allowed me to stay in her home. and maybe I can learn more about Matt. Well that's about it for now. Until next time, farewell.

~Ty Udein~

~Ty Udein~

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